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揉合中國傳統工藝與現代技術,SHA 香薰擴散器是由罕見的紫砂泥製作而成。高質精油通過 Puzhen Life 的香薰擴散器能有效幫助你的頭腦,身體和心靈感官取得平衡。SHA 同時帶有一個內置的電離子裝置,能產生負離子​​,有效地淨化房內空氣。憑藉持久而具滲透力的擴散功能、交替變化的柔和燈光,SHA 在短訊間便可營造出一種輕鬆清爽的氛圍。遙控器方面操作簡單,可令你舒適地享受這精緻紫砂藝術品給你帶來的和諧感官。

■ 產品細節
品名 : SHA (small)
外形尺寸:5 × 5 × 6.69"(128 × 128 × 170 mm)
重量:4.8400 LBS
覆蓋面積:323 平方呎 (30 平方米)
自動關機時間:1小時/ 2小時/ 3小時/6小時/ 8小時
LED 顏色:3種不同的柔和顏色交替變化
遙控器(範圍):26 呎 (8米) 紅外遙控器
儲水量:200 +/-10 ml
電源輸入:DC 24V 15W
電源變壓器:AC/DC 變壓器 100〜240V 50 / 60Hz

SHA (small) 香薰機 Aroma Diffuser

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    Combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technology, the Sha aroma diffuser is made of rare purple clay. Puzhen Life’s Sha aroma diffuser helps balance mind, body, and soul by engaging all faculties. Sha comes with a build-in ionizer that could generate negative ions, to more effectively purify the air in your room. Gently diffusing any aromatherapy oil, Sha creates a better atmosphere, immediately creating a relaxing and refreshing ambiance. Soft LED colors contribute to the serene atmosphere, calming stress and creating moments of peace. A remote control makes Sha easy to operate. Puzhen Life’s purple clay aroma diffuser is handmade using ancient craftsmanship passed down through generations, making it also an exquisite piece of art to admire.

    ■ Specification
    SKU : PZ-UA16
    Series : Sha
    Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 6.69 in (128 x 128 x 170mm)
    Material of body :  Rare Natural Purple Clay
    Weight in Lbs. : 4.8400
    Coverage Area : 323 sq ft (30 sq m)
    Operating Modes :
    Auto shutdown time: 1 hour/2 hours/3 hours/6hours/8hours

    Filtration & Sterilization : Ionizer Capacity : 2,500,000/cm
    LED Color : 3 different soft LED colors change alternatively
    Remote Control (range) : 26ft (8 m) infrared remote control
    Water Reservoir Capacity : 200 +/- 10ml
    Power Input : DC 24V 15W
    Adapter : AC/DC Adapter 100~240V 50/60Hz
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